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Eh [Feb. 16th, 2007|06:19 am]
Big Ed
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So everything that happened last semester about me working too much and not paying enough attention to school is happening again. I mean, who doesn't like getting paid 10 bucks an hour to make pizza right? Plus the management experience on the resumé is great. I'm pretty sure I have an exam today in Greek/Roman but I havent been to that class in about two weeks. Don't get me wrong either, I love that class. Something about Greek and Roman culture fascinates me but damnit I can never get up for that class. I come home from work at like 6am, pass out and am too gone to hear my alarm at 9am. I'd rather actually be in class and learn about it than just not go and try to pass somehow. Provided that I drop that class, which i probably will, I still need these classes for the AA degree:

A Humanities class (Greek/Roman)
ACG 2071 - Managerial Accounting
STA 2023 - Statistical Methods
A Science class

Of course, I could have just gone to that Greek/Roman, passed Chemistry last year, stayed in accounting last year and be taking Managerial right now, and passed Calculus last semester so I could take Stat this semester and I could graduate by April but no0o0o0o, be a lazy ass. Well i'm going to go drop that class now. Besides, i'd rather play golf tomorrow than take an exam, wouldn't you? Ok then. =)