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Big Ed

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Nocturnal-ness [Feb. 18th, 2007|09:33 am]
Big Ed
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To start off, everyone should go and see the movie Music and Lyrics. I liked it. brb someone just sent me a message on my phone. Anyway, so I actually got back to a normal sleeping routine today. I went to sleep around 3am and woke up at 8am for some reason. I actually made breakfast and here I am. Right now I would usually be ending my day and going to sleep. Then I would wake up at 5pm, starting my day, and going to work. It's interesting because I remember Jen telling me once that she wondered what it was like to have a night job like that and be nocturnal. I'd never thought i'd be doing it one day. Jen if you ever read this, its interesting. I wake up at 5pm and it feels like the sun is just rising except its setting. I leave work around 5:30am and nobody is out on the street. I left at 6am the other day and daylight was just starting to appear. It's crazy because I leave work and you would think everything is closing just like you are, but everything is actually starting to open. I got out at 6am and went straight to McDonalds to eat breakfast. Never thought i'd do that. Well i'm gona go watch forrest gump now. Peace out.